RJM Group™ was founded back in 2010 by Ricko James Meromi through an art convention

Ricko used to travel around the world to explore and discover new and unique things as an inspiration in innovating art culture

RJM Group™ has faced lots of Logo changes, but the official logo today remains the Colorful "blob" with all the different colors as a sign of cultur mix.

RJM Group™ faced lots of evolution from time to time, especially in logo recognitions

The debut of the “S” symbol became the official copyright logo of RJM Group™ since 2012

In 2012, the Jorance Company was renamed to MEROMI (Multi Evolutional Art Organisation of Motivation and Innovation)

Ricko James Meromi once started a project that gave a huge impact on a social networking game named “HABBO” with minigames and riddles

n 2015, MEROMI halted all of its projects for several months due to an intrusion by a group of school students

After a while since the incident, Ricko James Meromi cancelled most of pending projects, including the BnR (Blue and Red) art project

The BnR art project concept according to Ricko James Meromi, it was one of the methods used to teach students about the definition of regular art and fine art

In 2016, Ricko James Meromi renamed MEROMI to RJM Group™ (now), and redesigned the “S” symbol with stripped lines. According to him, it was redesigned and took inspirations from MJJ Productions logo, which shows a picture of Michael Jackson toestanding

Besides RJM Group™, Ricko James Meromi also made an alternative organisation named Meromi Industries Corporation (MEROMI Corp)

On November 30 2016, MEROMI Corp had been disbanded and replaced with the now RJM Group™

As the target to be the famous art project, Ricko James Meromi has applied few of his friends to become members and part of it

The RJM™ Co-owner, Enzo Fischer, has travelled to different locations in his time before being included to RJM™

Enzo Fischer has designed the current logo himself and is willing to design more

RJM's services (quality enhancing, etc..) are the same since 2010

To this day, Ricko James Meromi continues to develope the project to become a successful art centre

-RJM™ staff